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After a tiring venture and hitting the road all day, a good bite of a delicious meal and a sip of an icy cold cola is heaven sent for your stomach.

Mouthwatering and thirst quenching meals set before the table in the altar of your rumbling stomach.

Driving all day along the historic road 66, you cannot miss its diners and restaurants just situated in the roadsides of this route.

Offering a variety of food to choose from, route 66 will give you the contemporary American dinner ambience with the twist of the past that you will surely love.

An empty tank and a rumbling stomach? Why not try these places that offer what you need. These places will not only fill your tank but will also leave your stomach happy and full.

Located in the intersection of US routes 136 and route 66, Dixie Truckers Home is one of the oldest America’s truck stops. Dixie Truckers Home has become the favorite place of hungry truckers. Offering them a place to rest and to eat, Dixie’s had made its name in the food must go of route 66.

Being one of America’s favorite treat, corndogs becomes the favorite of many. An all-time favorite snack on stick, corn dogs are the ones that lift this place to glory. Cozy Dogs Drive is the pioneer of the now well-loved

American snack. Serving for a long time on route 66, Cozy Dog Drive is the corndog place of route 66 since it started business in 1946.

Before entering this place, a gleaming eyed red big truck “Tow Tater” will welcome you to 4 Women on the Route. 4 Women in the Route is a snack bar that just not only feed its customers but also inspired an animated movie “Cars”. This place will not only make you full by its snacks but will also inspire your imagination.

“You kill, we grill” a very promising motto for a place. Sounding like a hunters place, this café’s name is not as promising as its name.

Road Kill Café, have both a catchy motto and a not so nice name. As gruesome as it may sound, Road Kill café in Seligman Arizona is a time capsule of a route 66 enthusiast.

Don’t worry, they don’t serve you road kill animals literally, you can order and eat a burger in there.


A resting place for weary travelers, The El Rancho Hotel in Gallup can ease your hunger and stress. Still open for business, this place has housed a lot of famous people like President Ronald Reagan. With the motto “Charm of Yesterday, Convenience of Tomorrow”, this place will surely bring you to a wonderful good morning buy housing to your needs. This place will give you the taste of the old west at the 4aer lounge.

Places to dine in are the most important place for weary travelers. In a place that offers the best road trip, these places along route 66 will give you a road trip experience that you will sure love.