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Route 66 by State

Route of the Past

History is past never forgotten. Things may change and everything may start a new, but a thing that had been part or has become a part of history is a great thing to remember.

Established on November 11, 1929, Route 66 was one of the original highways within the US Highway System. From its foundation day almost a century ago until it was closed and officially removed from the united highway System on June 27 1985, the historic route 66 had been a part of the traveling life of its tourists.

The history of route 66 far stretch back when it became a passageway of the national old trails highway. Called by many names such as “Main Street America”, “Mother Road” or “The Will Rogers Highway”, the historic route 66 was tagged as one because of the many cafes, gas stations, motels, dinner and restaurants along its roadsides. In addition to these, route 66 has many tourists attraction to offer its visitors.

During the great depression, many families made their way west along route 66 to California when displaced during the Dust Bowl.

In 1950, old route 66 undergoes several changes. Section by section high-speed interstate highways was made and when the stretch of the freeways was completed route 66 was finally taken out thus, calling the old route the historic route 66.

Being partially forgotten place and is no longer the main route across the country, establishments along route 66 find its ways to thrive and stay in the business. Most of these places made use of their old route 66 advantage. Being a part of an old route and having that classic American feel, business thrive by promotions, advertisements and connections.

Travelers who wanted to travel back in time and experience the old classic American place enjoys visiting the old places in route 66. The feel of nostalgia lingers in the airs of route 66 giving its visitors the ambiance of the past.
Route 66 is not only a passageway across the country but it is also a place that showcases variety of scenarios and cultural changes. Venturing and exploring route 66, travelers will not only feel the relaxation but also the fulfillment of seeing wonderful and marvelous things from the past. While driving along the old roads of route66, one can have a back in time experiences that will surely fill their hearts with joy.

Though route 66 has undergone a lot of changes since it first opened its corridors to the travelers of the dust bowl until the high- speed interstate were made deeming its former glory, route 66 have proven that when you make a mark in history, you will surely never be forgotten.

From the start to the end, route 66 will always be on the list of the route trip routes anyone would want to travel in. A road one will want to drive in until that glorious sign that marks the end of your journey. A mark that says, “end of the trail”.