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Tour Route 66

Take a seat, clasp that belt. Grab your bags and feel the breeze. With the radio on, with the jam and the tune, take a break and feel the heat; let’s buckle up and hit the road. Let’s have a road trip and explore route 66.

With a perfect song playing the radio and the breeze coming in from your rolled-down seat window, it is always good to have a road trip. Feeling the care free sensation and the sense of relaxation, many choose to hit the road once in a while.

Route 66 is one of the favorite hideaways of road trippers. It is a line between Los Angeles and Chicago. Founded in 1926, Route 66 has been a part of many things until it closed down in 1985. But even though it officially closed its doors to traffic, the majestic splendor of route 66 is still preserved. Now, many travelers’ visit route 66 for its attractions.

There are so many picturesque sights and attractions found in route 66 that will surely overwhelm the lenses of your camera.

Cadillac Ranch in Potter County in Texas showcases the sculptures of old junk Cadillacs that were positioned in such a manner that embodies greatness and art. Buried with its bumper down the dirt, these cars still have their great reputation in tact because of how beautifully they are placed.

The Leaning Water Tower of Groom is the local version of the leaning tower of Pisa. This leaning water tower is an attention grabber in route 66. It is situated in a wide stretch of land along route 66. This water tower in Texas projects the same feeling as looking at the leaning tower of Pisa.

If you fell in love with Pixar’s animated movie “Cars”, you will surely love this place. “Tow Tater”, a fully function big red truck with gleaming eyes becomes the inspiration of the “ Cars “ character “ tow mater” was parked just outside this place. The 4 Women on the Route and its car is a must see attraction.

Mostly with red orange and brownish red, the Painted Desert in Arizona is an incomparable view. With its unique color strata of stratified rocks, this place is one of the attractions that you will ever see.

There is always rainbow after the rain. In the case of route 66, there is a sunny beach after the end of the trail. The famous sign at the end of the pier of Santa Monica, Calif is the one that signifies the end of the trail.

A road trip is never complete without popping that can of soda or a squeeze of ketchup in that hotdog bun and because route 66 have it all, it also has a giant Catsup bottle water tower in Collinsville and a thirst quenching Giant Soda pop in Arcadia.

Can’t get enough of the majestic route 66 attractions? The things mentioned above are just some of the numerous wonderful things route 66 has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that bag and hit that gas pedal and start your own route 66 tour.