Percentage-wise, Texas hosts a relatively short length of the road. From the Oklahoma line to the New Mexico line is a mere 178 miles, but surprisingly 90% of the original highway remains. Texas can also claim the Route 66 halfway point.

The stretch of Texas Route 66 provides not only a number of vintage Mother Road icons as you travel across the “Staked Plains” of the Texas Panhandle, but, also glimpses of the Wild Wild West.

Conservative, proud, of deep-rooted republican spirit, Texas is the home of the Bush family, who gave two country Presidents. Bearer of the most important segment of the Texan population, rural, deeply religious and conservative, George W. Bush and his Stetson and cowboy boots, but also his ranch, outspokenness and simplicity make him an extremely popular figure around here. Extremely friendly, always willing to exchange a few words, the Texans are, however, generally touchy about certain political issues.

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