Route 66 Flip Flops Slippers Gift (S)

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These brightly colored male and female sandals came from the Philippines, their bold and unusual design convey the mood of beach fun and carefree. Sandals butterfly sandals, fish, sandals, watermelons and even sandals, palm trees _ and more than that! In this collection you’ll find sandals with absolutely non-standard models, to wear that you’ll will need a fair amount of courage.The sole is made out of a durable, flexible and at the same time very light material EVA, which will not be damaged, even if you walk in these sandals on the beach with sharp rocks.Strappy sandals Churigna no less durable and are decorated with original images. Positive beach Flip flops will please you and your loved ones more than one season.Escaping to the beach, you are looking forward for a great mood, and these sandals will be destined to the attention of everyone on the beach. And it will be overjoyed moment_Right what we dream all winter.Best gift for route 66 travelers

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